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Horse Halters: An Essential Piece of Horse Equipme

Author: Date:2010/6/19 2:36:59   
Without a horse harness, moving, riding , or controlling your horse can be impossible and dangerous. This essential piece of horse equipment is one of the most important items that you can buy for your horse.  Choosing a halter that fits your horse well is very important. In addition to fit, it is important to make sure that the halter is durable and will hold up well after many hours of use.

When choosing a horse halter, the first step is to measure your horse first. The horse halter should be comfortable and slightly loose. Most halters are sold by the type of horse that you have and can be easily adjusted to add a little extra room. With an adjustable harness, you can make the horse horse a size that will feel comfortable to your horse and he won’t mind wearing the halter. If your horseneeds towear a loose halter, then it is important to choose a halter that can easily be removed by horse if it gets caught on something.  A breakaway halter, like the 
Nylon Breakaway Halter works best if your horse needs to wear a loose halter.

Once you have determined the appropriate size for your horse, the next item to consider is the type of material for the halter. Most horse halters are either made from nylon, which is very comfortable against the skin because it is soft and molds easily to the contours of your horse’s shape, or leather, which is very durable, strong and won’t fray or tear. A nylon halter, like the 
Hamilton Quality Nylon Halter, is available in a variety of sizes and fun, bright colors.  Either material works great for a horse halter and you may want to purchase a couple of each material because it is always handy to have a few on hand.

Lastly, when placing the halter on your horse, you should always calmly approach your horse in a friendly manner and speak gently as you place the halter over your horse’s nose and crown.  It is a good idea to keep the crown strap unbuckles and have a lead rope, such as the
Cotton Horse lead 6.5ft with 30 inch chain, attached to the halter in case you need to quickly secure your horse. Once you have put the halter on and buckled it, give your horse a treat to reward heim for good behavior.

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