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Negative Ion Air Purifier Lamp

Negative Ion Air Purifier Lamp
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Item : SNL-001
Details :

Half spiral anion air purifying lamp .
 1. Power: 11W---25W
2. Voltage: 110-130V / 220-240V
3. Life time(life span): 5000 hours---10000 hours
4. Color temp.: 2700K--6700K
5. Lamp base: E27 / B22
6. High luminous flux, good light efficiency, energy saving
7. Quality standard: CE, UL, SASO

8.Packing.color box, blister card packing etc, as customer required  

Application.Home, Offices, Shops, Department Stores, Clubs,Restaurants, Hotels, Supermarkets


Function of  TiO2

1,  While lighting,it may cleanse the air, get rid of  bad smell, poisonous gas and organic gases.

2,  When there is much of bacterium and microorganism in the air continuously endangering the surroundings,it may be used to disinfect , get rid of bad smell and suppresses bacteria growing as well as reduce the organic carcinogenic gas in the air effectively.It is better to be used in the large space ,such as hospital , school.office,hotel .guesthouse and etc.

3,This invented product is patented. No counrerfeit!

Energy-saving Lamp Sprayed  TiO2,an increase of functions,not increase prices

Magic Power of Negative Ion:
1),Produce Active Oxygen: negative oxygen ion can effectively active oxygen molecule in air and make it easily to be absorbed by human, and effectively preventing “Air Conditioner Disease”
2),Improve Lung Function: after absorbing negative oxygen ion, lung can absorb 20% more oxygen and exhaust 15% more Co2.
3),Promote Metabolism: activate diversified enzyme in body, promote metabolism.
4),Improve Resistance: improve the competence of body, activate the function of endothelium system and improve immunity.
5),Improve Sleep: negative oxygen ion can inspire people and improve work efficiency, improve sleep with obvious effect in relieving pain.
6),Sterilizing Function: negative ion generator can generate small amount of ozone when generating alot   of negative ion, the combination of both can easily absorb diversified virus and bacteria, change the  structure or convert the energy and kill bacteria. Remove dust and kill bacteria, relieve harm of second hand smoke, environmental protection and health are visible.
7),Remove Smoke and Dust: negative ion with negative electric charge can neutralize with the smoke and dust in air which has positive electric charge, make it naturally sediment.
8),Protection: neutralize high voltage static of TV and computer , form negative ion protective layer and effective reduce damages to eyes from high voltage static generated by TV and computer, effectively  prevent short sight, and reduce damages to TV and computer caused by dus

Packing:color box,blister box,foam box 

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