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1.Quality System

We perform strict quality control and inspection for our products to ensure the unqualified products not to be
supplied to the market. We take three-inspection system and try our best to execute 100% inspection for the
goods exported. Surpassing the expectation of customers is permanently what we are seeking for.
2.Shipment Services  

We provide one-stop service to our customers, which is a key part of our quality system. The following items, not limited to them, fall into our services.                                    
I. Shipping & Goods Tracking

Usually we ship the goods by the following companies. For your shipped orders, please retrieve the Air Waybill No. on Shipping Schedule page and track them here:
EMS    DHL   UPS   FedEx  TNT 
Please double check the arrived goods before your signature for acceptance to ensure they are in compliance with the pictures and documents that we sent you before the shipment. If shortage or damage of goods happens to occur, please do ask for a formal deviation report from your local deliverer and advise us of the condition immediately. We will discuss with related parities for solutions.
II. Warranty & Spare
We provide at least one year warranty for all our products. For the customers who don't need the warranty, we offer the spare (spare units or parts) for them. The spare policy, normally 0.5-2%, is subject to the order quantity and our final confirmation.
III. Trouble-shooting & Technical Support
For all our sold products, we provide the trouble-shooting and technical support if necessary. When you can not well operate the unit or need professional help, please feel free to contact us. We are ready for serving you. Please view the Contact Us page for contact details.
IV. Sourcing Service
We provide the sourcing service for our customers. If you have been in business with us and need the products currently unavailable or not falling into the scope of our business, we would like to help you to source them in China and ship them together with what you buy from us in order to save your purchasing cost. We promise the good quality and the competitive price of the sourced goods. Surpassing your expectation is always what we are seeking for.
3.Warranty terms

Update technology Co,.Ltd. are always focused on improving our level of customer service, and have created this warranty terms & conditions for you. Any problem, please feel free to contact us.
Ⅰ. We offer you 1 year warranty for all kinds of products which sell on our site, from the purchase date on our products. You will receive an invoice shipped with your package.
Ⅱ. If you send back the goods to us, you have to pay the shipping cost.
Ⅲ. If the goods really need to repair or exchange, we will pay the shipping cost to delivery to you. If the returned product is found NOT DEFECTIVE, we will return the original working part to you at your expense for the return shipping costs. EMS is our official courier, we can also offer the discounted shipping cost for you.
Ⅳ. If you decide to send us goods to recheck, we must have all cables, hardware and instructions that came with it.
Ⅴ. Before you buy any items, please ensure that you have verified compatibility with your system by visiting the manufacturer's web site. We will not take any responsibility and will not accept returns for items purchased that are not compatible with your system configuration.
Ⅵ. All defective items being returned must be packed as if they were new and working. Failure to do so may invalidate the warranty. We are not responsible for goods that are damaged during shipment or misused/abused by the customer/carrier.
Ⅶ. If warranty seal or sticker is broken or has been tampered with the product will no longer have any warranty, and we will no longer be liable for the repair or replacement of your product.
Ⅷ. We will only be held responsible for warranty mobile phones which are purchased directly from our website with an order number. If you have purchased from reseller who has purchased from us, then contact your reseller to solve problem.
4.Out of stock items

Scenario 1:
All the items were in stock when your order was confirmed, but after your payment was confirmed, one of the items in your order went out of stock
In this case we will ship all the in-stock items that you have ordered first, and products which are out of stock, we will ship it to you immediately once the next shipment of stock arrives.

Scenario 2:
The item was already out of stock, when you made the order
In this case we will ship all items in the order, only when the new stock arrives However, in some situations we might ship the items that are available first.
5.Custom Rights

Ⅰ.The customer who purchases the products is responsible for paying these customs rights, and of the possible paperwork involved.
Ⅱ.The price of the products sold is in USD and it doesn't include taxes (VAT).
Ⅲ.Customers are required to keep close track on their packages. If there is any delay in receiving a package, you will need to contact the designated courier services agency or immediately inform us in order to ascertain the reason for the delay.
Ⅳ.We will not be responsible or liable if the package is shipped back to us, damaged or confiscated due to problems with custom clearance. Therefore, please check with your country's custom for their specific custom laws.
Ⅴ.We will not be responsible or liable for damaged packages or those shipped back to us in the event that the designated courier service fail after several attempts to deliver your package(s) due to your absence to collect the package(s) from the given destination address.
Ⅵ.The responsibility of the seller stops when the product has been shipped off to the address specified by the customer.
Ⅶ.It is clear however, that we will do our best to help you in getting your product out of customs if additional proof of sale or of value is needed.

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